Live Music Rundown

Alright, indie fans. Lots of album reviews rolling in this week, but for now let’s take a quick look at live music in the Triangle and run down the shows we’re looking forward to this week. It’s not a huge week for live shows, but one in which you can catch no less than three wonderful artists.

Monday, you’ve got Alela Diane at Kings Barcade. Haven’t seen her before, but can’t imagine getting a bad show there. Not much else happening at Kings that we’re interested in, but check out their website to see if anything else catches your eye.

Local 506 has a bunch of smaller acts that we’re intrigued by, and then one big show at the end of the week. Wednesday, it’s the Elected, and then Thursday they’ve got Heaven (Americans in France and Nightdogs supporting). Then, Saturday David Bazan will be playing with Centro-Matic and Sarah Jaffe opening. Of course, Bazan is worth the price of admission alone, but don’t get there late. Sarah Jaffe is a must-see too.

The only thing of note to check out at Cat’s Cradle this week will be on Friday, when Ben Sollee plays. We love, love, love Ben Sollee here at theanimalscankillyou and can’t wait to check him out live.

Other than that (and that’s plenty), it seems like a quiet week around Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill. We’re planning to be at the Bazan, Sollee, and Alela Diane shows, and look forward to seeing all you guys and gals there.

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