Top 10 of 2011 (So Far) #6

Sarah Jarosz
Follow Me Down

Sarah Jarosz. The name may not be familiar to many, but if she keeps churning out great releases one after another as she has thus far you can expect that to change quickly. She and her career are both very young as compared to her peers. Follow Me Down being only her second full-length album, Jarosz is certainly still an emerging artist, but you wouldn’t know it by the maturity of her lyrics nor the experienced craftiness of her work on guitar, banjo, and just about everything she touches. With this record, she thrusts herself squarely into the debate of best country/folk/Americana artists on the scene today. Bluegrass was in need of an artist flavorful, fresh, and talented, and has found just that in Sarah Jarosz. From our initial review of Follow Me Down: “[It] is everything you could possibly hope for from Sarah Jarosz. It is intelligent, artistic, sweet, spiritual, and just overall – in every way – delightful. It reaffirms all the love we had for her first album, and puts on full display the growth of an artist that was already mature beyond her years. Jarosz remains one of the most beautiful artists in the independent music world, and in music in general. One can only hope she sticks to her roots for a long, long time, and continues to put out great work for years to come.”

Favorite Tracks:
“Come Around”
“Ring Them Bells”’
“Here Nor There”

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