Live Blog, Hopscotch 9/9

8:40 pm: Arrived downtown in time to catch the end of Drive By Truckers’ City Plaza set, staying for the beginning of GBV.

8:55 pm: Skipping out on GBV (blasphemy, I know!) to make sure I get a great seat for Julianna Barwick. Walking down to Memorial Auditorium.

9:46 pm: Julianna Barwick has finally taken the stage, first two songs are off the charts amazing. Her mastery of looping is beyond her years. So subtle, even in a genre that prides itself on subtlety. Her talent and soft-spoken power are overwhelming, her stage presence undeniable, her voice perfect.

9:53 pm: As we noted, live performance is a huge measurement for our album of the year list. Barwick’s THE MAGIC PLACE is sky-rocketing up our list by the second.

10:10 pm: Leaving Fletcher and heading up to the Moore Square area to get ready for Braids.

10:21 pm: The line for the Pour House is ridiculous. Stopping in at Tir na nOg to see King Mez real quick, then hopping in line.

10:44 pm: Missed “Plath Heart” but I’m finally in for the rest of Braids.

11:02 pm: Braids cementing themselves as our favorite new artist of the last couple years. The place is packed, the pit a dance party. Not quite as much as the last time I saw them, but I get the feeling that the Hopscotch crowd isn’t as ready for what they’re seeing as the people who went out specifically to see Braids open for Toro y Moi in the spring.

11:11 pm: Ended up catching the bulk of Braids’ set. They were stunning as ever. “Native Speaker” and “Plath Heart” (even through the wall) were top notch

11:18 pm: Off for a short break, then camp out the Pour House for the rest of the night.

11:40 pm: Back at the Pour House for Disappears. Late start but fucking rocking beginning to their set.

11:56 pm: Setting up an interview with Braids but we can’t hear each other talk over the thrashing indie rock of Disappears. Really impressive stuff from them.

12:09 am: Interview with Braids on the street. Great people, outstanding artists.

12:25 am: Want to head back in but even the VIP and Press lines are getting out of hand. Think I’m going to call it a night.

12:40 am: Caught up with Iggy Cosky outside Bu-Ku. He’s not performing for the festival, but has a couple shows next week.

1:03 am: Finally calling it a wrap on Night 2 at Hopscotch. Less walking than last night, fewer bands seen, but the quality still tremendous.

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