Top 10 of 2011 (So Far) #1

Times New Viking
Dancer Equired

A lot of times when a band like Times New Viking, known for the dirtiness, grittiness, and ear-shredding volume of their music, advances in their career and begins to clean things up, they are roundly criticized for pandering to the scene or conforming to the norm or trying to be something they are not. This is not generally unfounded criticism, as it’s usually one hundred percent true, or true enough to make it worth saying at least. This is not the case with Dancer Equired. First off, it is still very loud and loose, but in an extremely well thought-out way. The cleaning up of their sound is only in its manufacturing and not in its concept or texture. The small tweaks are only to be expected, and are surprisingly welcome in a place where I initially expected they would distract from what was already one of the greatest bands of our time. Instead, they merely show maturity and better accessibility, they allow TNV to play in the same old sandbox just with a new set of dirty old toys. Just about any track here would fit in perfectly on Rip It Off or Born Again Revisited or just about any of their other old releases. The best album in a while that you can just crank the fuck up and rock out to.

Favorite Tracks:
“It’s a Culture”
“Ways to Go”
“F*Ck Her Tears”

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